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Media pylons

High-tech, with a fine pixel pitch, easy to read at a distance of 3-6 meters. Occupy a minimum of space.

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LED screens

Pixel pitch from P2.5 to P10. Any sizes. Low power consumption. Durable. Always in stock.

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Media facades

Bright dynamic advertising on buildings. Moisture resistant. Do not harm natural light indoors.

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Media pylons

indoor / outdoor

Billboards and boxes were replaced by high-tech media pylons. They occupy minimum of space and are convenient for daily transportation.

Main advantages:

  • attract 80% more customer attention;
  • simple control (for any PC user);
  • automatic brightness correction depending on the lighting.
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LED screens

indoor / outdoor / full HD

A great option for your ad to be noticed. LED screens have higher efficiency than conventional billboards.

Main advantages:

  • any sizes;
  • low power consumption;
  • quick payback;
  • do not create glare from the sun and light of searchlights;
  • waterproof;
  • easy replacement of the displayed information.
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Media facades

any sizes

The large area of the screen placed on the building and the vibrant dynamic presentation allow media facades to gradually supplant static banners from the advertising market.

Main advantages:

  • high brightness in all weather conditions;
  • water resistant;
  • quick payback on investments;
  • ease of replacing advertising content.
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indoor / outdoor

Mobile screens for rent with installation.

Main advantages:

  • quick assemble;
  • high brightness;
  • profitability;
  • contrast picture even when light rays hit the screen;
  • reliable system of fastening modules together.
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Running lines

and screens unusual sizes

The board (running line) is made of high-quality LED modules. Information is read in bright sunshine. Operating temperature -30 ° C - + 50 ° C.

We carry out a panel to order any size.

Ready-made display — displays any information, more than 100 fonts, effects, as well as: Time, Date, Brightness Control, Frame, Operating Time Additionally.

You can put a temperature sensor and a sensor for automatic brightness control.

USB control type, for an additional fee, you can select the control via WIFI / GPRS / RS232, color and size.

Main advantages:

  • mobility;
  • easy of programming;
  • easy of installation;
  • good visibility from a distance;
  • price.
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Want to attract your target audience and increase your profit? Order an LED screen in our company. The information presented on it will attract the attention of others and will be accurately noticed.

LED reklaam in Tallinn offers the following services:

Why do people in Tallinn choose LED reklaam?

The LED screens we offer have excellent technical characteristics, good refresh rates and optimal weight.

We use only high-quality controllers, components and modules for LED screens.

We work only with trusted suppliers that use only high-quality components in the manufacture of LED screens.

We use high-strength fastenings for LED screens during installation, guaranteeing a reliable and safe installation.

Purpose of LED screens

Due to the advantages of this outdoor and indoor advertising, the use of LED screens is very diverse:

Pixel pitch of LED screen

Depending on the viewer distance to the displayed image, the picture quality changes. Here it is necessary to understand that the smaller the pixel pitch of the LED screen, the more high-quality advertising will be displayed and easier for a potential buyer to perceive.

Flexible LED screen

Modern technologies are developing by leaps and bounds. We try to follow them and keep up with them.

We are pleased to offer you modern flexible LED screens that you can place with the necessary bend.

Outdoor Vertical LED Screens

It’s not always possible to place ads horizontally. Especially for such cases, we suggest you purchase street vertical LED screens. The information on them is also perfectly readable, with rational space savings.

LED screens for shopping centers

Obviously, for the profitability of such large areas, it is necessary that as many potential buyers as possible learn about your goods and services. Especially for you we are pleased to offer LED screens for shopping centers. Bright and well-read advertising, will bring to your customers all the necessary information.

Regardless of whether you choose LED screens for indoor, outdoor advertising, or large media facades, be sure of the quality of LED screens purchased from us.

Waiting for your call!